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Monthly Auctions

Monthly auctions are special auctions ending once a month.

Advantages of Monthly auctions

  • Are advertised in the press, members are contaced
  • only these auctions are visible on the main page on auction day.
  • Auctions end grouped by collecting field. Thus, more bidders are online at the time the auctions end.
  • You can choose a starting price, which is an advantage over top auctions, with better selling chances than for regular auctions.

The first monthly auction is on 25 August 2013.

Our customer service will validate each item submitted for the monthly auction.

Genuinity, accuracy of the item description and image quality will be checked. Afterwards, the auction is accepted or rejected.
You can see in your login area a list of your accepted and rejected auctions.

The auctions are published and started approximately 2 weeks before auction day.
Bids can be placed from that moment.

Montly auctions are only for verified members.

The selling fee is 5%, but at least 2 EUR on success.

You can consign from now on for the upcoming auction.

Here are the next auctions:



Auction 28: 15 Nov 2015

Auction 29: 13 Dec 2015

Auction 30: 10 Jan 2016

Auction 31: 14 Feb 2016

Auction 32: 13 Mar 2016

Auction 33: 10 Apr 2016

For further questions? Please contact here our Service.

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