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Russia 2014 3 Rubles The 700th Anniversary of the Birthday of Reverend Sergius Radonezhsky  TOP auction
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The 700th Anniversary of the Birthday of Reverend Sergius Radonezhsky

Denomination 3 rubles
Quality Proof
Metal, fineness Silver 925/1000
Total weight, G 33,94 (±0,31)
Fine metal
content not less than, G
Diameter, mm 39,00 (±0,30)
Thickness, mm 3,30 (±0,35)
Mintage, pcs 7 500

The obverse

in the centre – the emblem of the Bank of Russia [the two-headed eagle with wings down, under it – the semicircular inscription "БАНК РОССИИ" (BANK OF RUSSIA)] framed by a circle of dots and inscriptions along the rim – on top: "ТРИ РУБЛЯ" (THREE RUBLES), below: to the left – indications of the precious metal and its fineness, in the centre – the year of issue "2014 г." (2014), to the right – the fine metal content and the mint trade mark.

The reverse

a fragment of the painting by V.A. Chelyshev showing the scene of blessing by Sergius Radonezhsky Dmitry Donskoy before his march for the Kulikovo Field, above along the rim – the inscription: "СЕРГИЙ РАДОНЕЖСКИЙ • 700 ЛЕТ" (SERGIUS RADONEZHSKY • 700 YEARS).


The artists: A.V. Baklanov, National Artist of Russia, E.V. Kramskaya, L.A. Evdokimova.

Sculptor: A.N. Bessonov.

Mint: Saint Petersburg Mint (СПМД).

The edge: 300 corrugations.

P.S. Unfortunately, we can no longer send coins without payment. Two of the respected people at this auction still have not paid the coins received. Only prepayment. Sorry.

These gentlemans

"Wallenstein" Peter Flemming and

"paulziggo" Paul Hoens from Nederland

 Russia 2014 3 Rubles The 700th Anniversary of the Birthday of Reverend Sergius Radonezhsky
 Russia 2014 3 Rubles The 700th Anniversary of the Birthday of Reverend Sergius Radonezhsky

All coins are original.

 Almost all 25 ruble Russian silver coins have a certificate of authenticity (all coins after 2005 year of issue have a certificate).


   You buy what you see in the picture. Some of the coins do not have a photo, only pictures from the official website of the Central Bank of Russia. Photos will be made  and uploaded as soon as I have the opportunity. In any case, I will not send the coin until I take a photograph of it and show it to the buyer... This web-site allows to put only two pictures on each lot. I try to take pictures so that you can see all faults of the coins. If the coin has a patina or stains and scratches - you'll see them. If there are any faults that you may not notice - I'll tell you about them in the description of the lot. If you bought the coin, in the first e-mail I'll tell you about this fault again, and you can withdraw from the purchase.

   You can request any possible additional photograph of the lots. If the coin is in a vandal/scratch-proof case, the coin will be photographed in the capsule.

   If you find discrepancies in received product that you purchased, you have the right to require the exchange of goods or refund.

   Returns available within 14 days of the discovery of coin's mismatch.

Money will be returned within 3 working days after receipt of the goods by me.

   If during shipment due to bad packaging any coins or capsules were damaged - the replacement will be made at my expense.


Sales conditions:

Envelope - less 100 gr:   3.40 € (registered letter) 

Envelope - 100 - 200 gr:  4.40 € (registered letter)

Envelope - 200 - 500 gr:  6.65 € (registered letter)

Envelope - 500 - 900 gr: 9.90 € (registered letter)


Country / Region: 3118 Limassol, Cyprus
Shipping and Handling: Buyer pays shipping, Shipping to all countries (worldwide)
Accepted payment methods: PayPal ONLY! ( + 4 % Surcharge )
Start price: 1,00 EUR
Start time: 09. Nov 2019 17:56:18
End time: 21. Dec 2019 20:19:03
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