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General Search Tips

Try to use different words for your search.
Imagine which words a seller might use to describe the item you're looking for. Try several different options and combinations, however, use just two or three words at a time to be sure you get a variety of results.

Use specific words instead of general ones, e.g., a search for Preussen 5 Mark 1888 will return fewer, but better listings than a search for "Preussen Deutschland".

You may use a * as a place holder, e.g., to search for singular and plural forms:
Searching for 100 Franc doesn't find items that contain 100 Francs. Search for 100 Franc* to find both versions. The same apllies for words spelled slightly differently in each language, search for *anada for find canadian coins described both in English (Canada) and German (Kanada)

Avoid using and, or, and the in your search term. The MA search engine searches for and, or, and the just like it would any other word. Please do not use extra punctuation, except if sellers will have used it as well. Examples:1/2 Taler or J. 366 (a coin catalog number)


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