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REDUCED Price / Gold Solidus of Constantine IV (668-685) AD. / Constantinople / Inverted officina
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AV Solidus of Constantine IV Pogonatus, 15 July 668 - 10 July 685 AD.

Year: Struck 674-681 AD. Constantinople Mint, officina Γ=3
Metal: gold
Size: 19/18 mm
Weight: 4.49 grams
Obverse: D N COS-T-NYS P, helmeted, diademed, and cuirassed bust facing, spear in right over shoulder, shield in left decorated with horseman, helmet with plume
Reverse: VICTO-A AVGY Γ (inverted), cross potent on three steps between Heraclius (on left) and Tiberius, each wears crown and chlamys and holds globus cruciger in left, CoNoB in ex
Condition: Extremely fine, sharp and lustrous, flat strike areas, mint state


Constantine IV Pogonatus should be credited with saving Europe from Muslim conquest. The great siege of Constantinople by the

caliph Muawiyah I, beginning in 674, lasted four years. The newly invented "Greek Fire" made the city impregnable.



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 REDUCED Price / Gold Solidus of Constantine IV (668-685) AD. / Constantinople / Inverted officina





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Startpreis: 649,99 EUR
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Kategorie: Altertum > Byzanz
Edelmetalle > Gold > Europa > Sonstige
Artikelnummer: 2513009
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